exoIQ’s is the world’s first commercially available powered exoskeleton for occupational use that takes the strain off arm and shoulder muscles. It can not only be adapted to different body sizes and conditions without tools, but can also be adjusted to different activities with digital presets. With up to 10 kg (22 lbs) of force, users are flexibly supported during assembly and handling tasks in front of the chest and at overhead height.


“Making work easier with the new active shoulder exoskeleton S700” is the operating principle behind this wearable exoskeleton from Germany.

The shoulder exoskeleton is driven pneumatically by a battery-powered compressor. The additional force is applied to the arms by moving the actuators on the arm shells via compressed air. Movements can be precisely detected by means of integrated sensors. It has a control element for regulating the support power. Different presets can be called up and managed using the exoIQ app. The control element has a pause button for suspending the support so that peripheral activities can be performed without disruption.

For enduring operation, the use of most Festool Li-ion powertool batteries is possible. One battery charge lasts up to 6 hours, depending on use.


The exoskeleton can be donned and doffed quickly and conveniently in just a few seconds and, with its toolless size adjustment, can be adapted to different users. It is worn like a backpack with a hip and chest strap. The arm shells are user-friendly to reach and easy to put on thanks to magnetic arm closures. Once fitted, users only need to remember three numbers: the markings for back length, shoulder width and arm length.

Highlights at a glance:

Lighter work – up to 5 kg (11 lbs) of force support per arm make activities overhead and at chest height noticeably easier.
Adaptable power support – support can be easily adjusted to individual needs.

Maximum freedom of movement – innovative shoulder kinematics maintain natural freedom of movement in all directions.

Flexible use with multiple employees – toolless size adjustment makes swapping from person to person hassle-free.
Quick donning and doffing – the intuitive harness system enables donning and doffing in seconds.

Weight of the device:
6.5 kg (14 lbs)

Supplied power or torque:
5 kg (11 lbs) per arm

Limited to users who are (age, weight, height, etc…)
Toolless size adjustments for back length, arm length and shoulder width allow the device to be fitted to most individuals measuring between 1.65 and 2.05 m (5″4 an 6″9).

Making benefits visible with the exoIQ App:

Understanding, applying, evaluating: the exoIQ app does more than just show the added value of the S700 to stakeholders. With its help, it is even possible to evaluate in advance of a purchase whether an exoskeleton can make a workplace or the activities performed there easier.

Visualization of the support performance and video workplace diagnosis:

The exoIQ app allows companies to access evaluation areas and application reports. Reporting can be used to see in which activities the exoskeleton provides support and in which areas readjustment is needed.

But even those who do not yet own an S700 can take advantage of an interesting feature. Using video pose detection technology, physical activities in production and manufacturing can be recorded and analyzed. This makes it possible to assess the suitability for or likely relief from an exoskeleton even before extensive testing.

Ergonomic assessment:

For the first time, the exoIQ app provides medical professionals and ergonomists with a live view workplace assessment to identify the phases of primary and secondary activities in a time-normalized display. Automatic reporting detects information on load weight removed, angle, frequency and duration of activity. The load weight removed is a result of the support set and the task performed.

Exoskeleton configuration:

The S700 comes with four standard presets that can be adjusted via the control panel on the shoulder strap. To ensure the greatest possible variability and adaptability, other presets can be transferred to the exoskeleton using the exoIQ app. How do you know which preset is best suited for which application? A separate area in the app contains videos explaining the areas of application and activities in detail.

The exoIQ app allows companies to evaluate their workstations from an ergonomic perspective. It can be downloaded free of charge from the app stores of leading providers.

exoIQ GmbH, Jaffestrasse 12, 21109 Hamburg, Germany – website

Phone: +49 40 239369900

E-mail: info@exoiq.com

Exoskeleton Report does not endorse one exoskeleton product over another.  The exoskeleton catalog is purely for educational purposes.  The catalog is meant to provide an easily accessible birds-eye view of the exoskeleton industry, and a quick method to sort exoskeletons by type and purpose.  All prices are approximate and are meant to provide a general sense of the cost of the devices.

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