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The Daiya Industry Power Assist Glove is an inflatable hand exoskeleton.  It is designed to augment the user’s grasp enabling them to hold better onto objects.

Currently, this power glove can only be rented in Japan for a small sum.  The trials for this power glove will end in 2017 and it is unclear if Daiya will expand sales or replace this product.


The Japanese Daiya Industry Power Assist Glove is a pneumatic hand exoskeleton.  The glove uses a small, interchangeable canister of compressed gas as its power source.


The Power Assist Glove weighs about 65g and is made of soft materials, making it light and comfortable to wear compared to classical rigid frame exoskeleton devices.  The glove is made out of three components, a power pack with a gas canister and a controller, a glove with inflatable membrane and the connection cables.  This wearable has 2 connectors, one for a sensor at the side of the glove leading to the controller and one for the compressed air.  The controller and compressed gas canister weigh about 750g and fit in a 10 by 20cm space, but do not have to be attached to the user.  The heavy modules can be placed on a table near the user or attached to a chair or wheelchair.

The glove control is very simple and intuitive.  To grasp an object resting on a flat surface such as a table, the side of the hand opposite the thumb hits against the table and the power glove inflates providing assistance in grasping.  When the user is done with the object they can leave it back on the table and when the side of the hand touches the table the glove will deflate, opening the fingers.

The Daiya Industry Power Assist Glove has the pinky ring and middle finger merged together.  This saves on material and inflatable channels as the 3 fingers are treated as one unit.  Other than that, the glove uses the same design and inflatable silicon membrane as other similar projects.

The Daiya power glove is a soft inflatable hand exoskeleton.  For videos and additional information on this family of devices refer to this ExR article from November 2015: Inflatable Soft Robotic Glove Exoskeletons

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Daiya Industry Co. Ltd., Yubinbango701-0203 Okayama, Okayama Prefecture Minami-ku Koshinden 1125website

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