Muscle Upper

The Muscle Upper by Innophys is a powered back and arm support exoskeleton for lifting.  The power is generated using artificial muscles activated by compressed air.

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The Muscle Upper is the creation of Innophys and it is part of a broad effort in East Asia to create wearable devices to assist the workers of an aging population.

As the name suggests, Muscle Power is a powered exoskeleton.  Unlike other offerings from Innophys, Muscle Power is a hip-arms exoskeleton for pick and carry.  It uses compressed air that and the suit can be connected to a compressed air hose, commonly found in many worksites.

The muscle suit is wrapped inside a custom, water repellent bag.  This protects the device from the elements and gives it a softer appearance.

The 2020 version of the Muscle Upper is reported to weigh 8.1kg (17.9lb) and can provide up to 140Nm of assistive force to the arms and back.

The MSRP is listed on the developer’s website.

Innophys CO, LTD, (venture from Tokyo University of Science) 〒162-0825
4-2-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 3rd Floor, Tokyo Science University Morito Memorial Hall , website

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