The Hercule is a powered lower body exoskeleton developed by the French company RB3D.  RB3D specializes in cobots.  The company defines cobots as mechanical and robotic devices meant to interact with workers repeatedly throughout the workday.


The Hercule V3 by RB3D began as a joint military/civilian exoskeleton project but is now marketed exclusively for work and industry.  It is a powered leg exoskeleton meant to unburden workers from heavy loads (amongst other possible applications).  The Hercule is unique in that it can be used either in front or behind the operator, as the task requires.

RB3D is continuing to improve on the Hercule and its motion control software.  At the 2016 Inno Robo – Human Robotics Event in Paris, the company revealed its new exoskeleton, Exo Push.  It is significantly larger and features a sizable backpack.  Expect to see more in the future.

RB3D, 43 avenue de Paris, 89470 MONETEAU, France, website

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