ExoMotus M4

The ExoMotus™ M4 is the successor of the ExoMotus powered lower limb exoskeleton. The M4 is a combination wearable robot and gait assist wheeled device. It is designed and produced by Fourier Intelligence.


The ExoMotus™ M4 is an institutional training powered exoskeleton for safe walking and retraining. It is meant to be used as a physical rehabilitation tool, personal assistance technology, or a research platform. Biped walking is achieved with a combination of in-house developed servo-motors, motion control units, and multi-dimensional force sensors.

This walking assist exoskeleton features a built-in balance support frame. In essence, the wearable robot has its wheeled companion robot. This methodology aims to combine the best elements of fixed-framed rehabilitation robotics that suspend users over a treadmill with the ability to walk around indoors or on paved surfaces. It is a flexible tool for standing and walking exercises.

The balancing attachment is not passive but has a single degree of freedom (moving up and down) to replicate the natural gait cycle and sit-to-stand exercises. The onboard suit of sensors and user interface allows rehabilitation professionals to customize the training for individuals’ needs.

Fourier Intelligence International Pte. Ltd. Marina One West Tower, 9 Straits View #05-07, Singapore 018937, website

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