The EXO-01 Overhead Exoskeleton by Hilti is a wearable passive shoulder support device meant to relieve the strain on the shoulders and arms during overhead work.


The EXO-01 is a lightweight exoskeleton that can still provide great assistance. It weighs under 2 kg (4.4 lb). The design minimizes the number of hinges at the expense of a slightly larger footprint behind the shoulder blades. This is a passive device that doesn’t use batteries or motors.

Hilti envisions the EXO-01 as one of their most versatile wearable offerings that can be easily applied during installation and construction work. Specifically, the installation of overhead air ducts and ventilation equipment, overhead sprinkles or piping, and fastening overhead cables or conduits are excellent examples of repetitive, prolonged overhead work that can cause injury and fatigue but can be supported by this product. Hanging drywall boards is yet another mentioned application for this exo.

Curiously, the EXO-01 also comes with some standardized accessories that can be purchased. Those include replacement arm pads, premium arm pads, replacement adjustment tools, and a carry bag. Visit Hilti’s website for additional videos, documentation, and pricing.

Hilti Corporation, HQ Feldkircher Strasse 100. Postfach 333 9494 Schaan Liechtenstein, website

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