The Bionic Power Amplify™ utilizes titanium, carbon fiber, Pebax, and other materials to provide a light, leg-based, multi-purpose, non-medical, augmenting exoskeleton. Its hybrid algorithm and motor/generator are designed to reduce fatigue via endurance augmentation and provide a reliable source of electricity (up to 12W) when walking without hindering any natural motion. The Amplify™ can be used by the military, emergency responders, and consumers to reduce fatigue and/or charge batteries.


The main features are fatigue reduction, especially in hilly terrain (metabolic benefit up to 15%)
• Power in remote locations for an unlimited duration (up to 15W while walking)
• Reduced load by reducing quantity of batteries carried
• Increased mission flexibility
• Reduced resupply logistics

The Amplify hybrid, non-medical exoskeleton began as a kinetic energy harvester, generating electricity from the natural action of walking in the same way regenerative braking works in hybrid cars. Soldiers worldwide carry huge amounts of heavy batteries to power their devices. Bionic Power’s goal with our harvesters was to enable soldiers to carry fewer batteries, recharge existing batteries, extend mission times, and reduce logistics. But we thought we could do even better.

After partially returning to the drawing board to add new features, the Amplify now also provides endurance augmentation to reduce fatigue. Whether you are a soldier marching to a battlefront, a Search and Rescue volunteer hiking to the rescue, a long-distance hiker, or someone who just needs a boost, the Amplify can assist you by augmenting your step, providing a source of electricity and in some cases reducing the weight you carry.

Once fully developed, Amplify’s technology may serve as the platform for the next version of the Agilik medical device, which would serve a larger population with various conditions that affect their gait and assist the elderly to Stand Tall and Walk Stronger.

The Amplify is the next iteration of the Power Walk, also by Bionic Power. The Power Walk was purely an energy-scavenging exoskeleton for military use, though it could be modified into a consumer exoskeleton, such as a battery-charging device for hikers. What is the selling point of the PowerWalk? If a standard mission deployment is 72 hours, then a soldier needs to have enough electricity (battery charge) for all electronic equipment he or she is carrying: GPS, night vision, communication devices, etc. This can amount to 16-20 lbs in batteries alone. With the PowerWalk, it is possible that a smaller rechargeable battery could be utilized, which the exoskeleton charges during the mission.  For this to work, the metabolic cost of wearing the device has to be smaller than the cost of carrying the normal-size battery.


Currently under development.

Device Weight:

3 kg (6.6 lb)

Intended users:

In its final iteration, the Amplify will be similar to our energy-harvesting exoskeleton and designed to fit most adults. The sizing will be based on 10-90th percentile male and female US soldiers. The consumer version will initially be the same and will expand to fit larger people.

The Amplify hybrid, non-medical exoskeleton will be suitable for anyone looking for endurance augmentation and/or device recharging. Users will include soldiers, emergency responders, Search and Rescue operators, and ordinary people who would like a boost while walking, hiking, climbing steps, or keeping their communication and navigation devices charged.

Bionic Power, 2661 Lillooet Street, Vancouver, BC, V5M 4P7 Canada, website

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