EXOberlin 2022 Onsite Report Image Gallery

EXOberlin 2022 Onsite Report Image Gallery Exoskeleton

Last week, we published the first-hand experiences of attending EXOberlin 2022 of Matthias Bey. However, some of the images he submitted were missed and are now included for the first time in this article. 

EXOberlin 2022 was an international conference dedicated to exoskeletons, exosuits, and wearable robotics. It was attended primarily by Europeans, with U.S. participation as low as 3% based on the early registration breakdown. In addition, EXOberlin was held during the same week as the HFES ErgoX conference in Atlanta, which has an entire exoskeleton track. Therefore, it was a welcomed surprise that Matthias Bey submitted his EXOberlin 2022 – Onsite Report, so that people can get a glimpse of the latest and greatest in prosthetic, orthotic, and exoskeleton technology in Europe.

Below are all the images from EXOberlin 2022, credit and special thanks to Matthias Bey, and links to recaps from this and prior EXOberlin events further below:

Exoskeleton Pictures by Matthias Bey from EXOberlin 2022:

Pictures of Presentations from EXOberlin 2022 by Matthias Bey:

  • Presentation on BiDrectional Control at EXOberlin 2022 by Matthias Bey

Previous EXOberlin reports and recaps from this and previous years:

Matthias Bey at Exoberlin 2019

Matthias Bey is an enthusiast of exoskeleton technology and one of the first backers of the “EduExo” project on Kickstarter.  His experience with the STEM kit has further fueled his interestest in exo technology.  Matthias is a business professional with years of experience in the German Armed Forces and over a decade at Hewlett-Packard.

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