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Online Demonstration of the LAEVO V2 and Donation of Exoskeleton Units

Online Demonstration of the Laevo V2 and Donation of Exoskeleton Units

Laevo has announced that it will run a webinar on Tuesday, May 12th at 15:00 hrs CEST (6 am Pacific Time) to demonstrate the LAEVO V2 exoskeleton and to answer any questions with regards to the product. Additionally, the company is planning to donate a number of LAEVO V2 exos to companies and/or institutes that have to work even harder due to COVID-19.

“Factories are slowly starting production again, now that we have grown to become a little bit accustomed to the new normal.” writes Duncan Treffers, Managing Director at Laevo on LinkedIn. However, some have to work even harder due to the pandemic. In some cases due to social distancing (or physical distancing) what used to be a two-man job has to become a one-man job. What if this becomes the new normal?

Laevo will donate a number of LAEVO V2 exoskeletons with the intent of lightening the physically demanding work of those most affected by COVID-19. The primary intended recipients are for those working in logistics (order pickers for example), hospitals (surgeons, nurses), agriculture (farmers and seasonal workers), amongst many others.

If you like to learn more about the LAEVO V2 and would like to be one of the recipients of a free unit, register at the event’s LinkedIn page:

Other exoskeleton developers are also attempting to cope with the impact of COVID-19 and are shifting their marketing focus to virtual product demonstrations:

While other developers have always had a heavy online educational presence like:

  • The Hocoma Academy has a collection of eight webinars on technologically elevated physical rehabilitation: link
  • Saebo also has a series of past and upcoming webinars:

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