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Ottobock Exo Day 2020

Ottobock Exo Day 2020

Ottobock, a world leader in prosthetics equipment with thousands of employees across the globe will host an exoskeleton webinar day in both German and English on Thursday, May 14, 2020. Ottobock has been leveraging its experience with orthotic devices for the last several years and applying them to exoskeletons. Recently, Ottobock revealed its newest passive exoskeleton for work and industry, Paexo Back. Registration can be found at the event’s LinkedIn page: link.

The announced schedule for the May 14 Ottobock Exo Day 2020 multi-language event includes:

May 14th Exo Day 2020 Agenda

  • Opening Keynote, Dr. Soenke Roessing, 9:00 CET (3 am EST), Head of Ottobock Industrials, presentation in German
  • Exoskelette in der Logistik, Prof. Dr. Lars Fritzsche, TU Dresden, and Dr. Samuel Reimer, Ottobock Industrials, 9:15 CET (3:15 am EST), in German
  • Produkt Präsentation, Paexo Back live aus der Experience World in Duderstadt, Paexo Back team by Ottobock, 10:00 CET (4 am EST), in German
  • Keynote, Erfahrung mit Exoskeletten und deren Einführung bei Unternehmen nach 500 erfolgreichen Projekten weltweit (Experience with exoskeletons and their introduction to companies after 500 successful projects worldwide), 11:00 CET (5am EST), in German
  • Break
  • Opening Keynote for the Afternoon session in English, Limits of automation in the workplace, Dr. Soenke Roessing, Head of Ottobock Industrials, 15:00 CET (9 am EST), in English
  • Panel: Active vs. Passive Exoskeletons, Which Solution fits best? – 15:15 CET (9:15 am)
  • Keynote, Exoskeleton use cases in selected industries such as logistics, automotive, construction and aviation, Robert Llanes, Ottobock Industrials, Northern America, 16:00 CET (10 am EST)
  • Product Presentation, Paexo Back & Shoulder Live, Robert Llanes and David Duwe, 16:30 CET (10:30 am EST), in English

From the company’s website:

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions as well as the many individual phone and video calls during the last weeks we decided to organize a conference day around exoskeletons and our experience working with many clients on that topic globally in the last years.

Please join us on May 14th for discussions, keynotes and product presentations from Duderstadt, Hamburg, Washington D.C. and Sydney.

Exo Day will start with a German program in the morning (09:00 Uhr CET) and offers English content as soon as our colleagues on the U.S. East Coast start their day (15:00 Uhr CET / 9am EST).

We are very much looking forward welcoming you at Exo Day 2020! Please attend the LinkedIn event for additional content and information about the live stream: LINKEDIN EXO DAY 2020

Deutsche Version:

Aufgrund der anhaltenden Reisebeschränkungen haben wir entschieden, einen Konferenztag zum Thema Exoskelette zu organisieren. Bitte besuchen Sie uns am 14. Mai für Diskussionen, Keynotes und Produktpräsentationen aus Duderstadt, Hamburg und Washington D.C..

Der Exo Day wird morgens mit einem deutschen Programm beginnen (09:00 Uhr MEZ / 03:00 Uhr EST) und englische Inhalte anbieten, sobald unsere Kollegen an der US-Ostküste ihren Tag beginnen (15:00 Uhr MEZ / 09:00 Uhr EST).

Wir freuen uns sehr darauf, Sie am Exo Day 2020 begrüßen zu dürfen. Bitte besuchen Sie die LinkedIn-Veranstaltung für zusätzliche Inhalte und Informationen über den Stream: LINKEDIN EXO-TAG 2020


May 14th – Exo Day 2020, Ottobock Company Website, as accessed on May 4th, 2020, Link

For more exoskeleton related webinars and presentations, keep an eye on our Exoskeleton Events Calendar.  The next exoskeleton webinar (not related to Ottobock’s) will be the Considerations in Exoskeleton Human Factors, Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (COHSE), June 17, 2020, |12:00-1:00 pm Pacific, presented By Leia Stirling, Ph.D. | University of Michigan (link).

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