8 Videos of Real-Life Exoskeletons With Super High Production Value

8 Video of Real-Life Exoskeletons

You may have seen highly polished fictional exoskeletons in superhero and alien invasion movies.  The Power Loader in Aliens and Iron Man are just two examples of an ever-growing list of sci-fi exoskeletons in highly stylized and expensive movie productions designed to entertain audiences around the globe.  How would real-life exos look in if they are given the same spit and polish worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster?  Fortunately, as the exoskeleton industry has grown so has the budget for professional commercial videos.  Below are our top eight picks that feature real exoskeletons in professionally elevated production value clips:

Revision Military – Exoskeleton Integrated Soldier Protection System

Originally published in Feb of 2015, this video is an older one on the list but has held up quite well.  What this spotlight does best is start with an exoskeleton that is clearly visible at the beginning of the video to one that all but disappears and blends with the gear of the soldier of the future towards the end of the clip.

Laevo, SkelEx & Noonee exoskeletons by ITURRI

Who said putting on exoskeletons can’t be fun?  Not ITURRI, distributor of the Laevo, SkelEx, Noonee and Bioservo exoskeletons.  While the setting may not be as flashy as some of our other entries, the crisp photography and drums more than make up for it.

Innophys: ハマダがいい人になった篇【マッスルスーツEvery】

What happens when you mix an active upper-body exoskeleton with famous Japanese comedian, Masatoshi Hamada?  Pure fireworks!  This real 30 seconds TV spot for Japanese audiences made in 2019 effortlessly holds first place for the best exoskeleton product commercial to date.

Fourier’s Exoskeleton helps Paralympic World Champion Walk Again by Fourier Intelligence

While other shorts featuring exoskeletons are loud and flashy, this spot by Fourier Intelligence takes a completely different approach.  Practically a short film, the story centers around the former Chinese Paralympian world champion in wheelchair fencing Yao Fang.  In under four minutes, she traces her journey and adversities to get back on her feet again with the help of Fourier’s ExoMotus.

Hyundai Motor Group Develops VEX Wearable Robot for Overhead Task

“This is how we prepare for the future” announces this video in front of a group of various exoskeletons and robotic devices!  This short is the champion in the use of computer animation to show exoskeletons from both the outside and the internal mechanism.  It features digital workers performing their jobs with the exos and the expected strain on their bodies.

Mawashi UPRISE Tactical Exoskeleton

Broody lightning, lots of smoke, constant change of scenery, and alternating camera angles earn the Mawashi UPRISE video a place on this list.  Oh, and did we mention the explosions?!

Sarcos Guardian® XO® Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton: Overview & Demonstration

For those who may be wondering, yes, just like all the other devices shown on this list, this full-body powered exoskeleton is absolutely real.


Combining excellent photography with computer animation to produce an over-the-top commercial for the Levitate Airframe is the perfect way to round-off our list.

Want to see even more videos of real exoskeletons in action?  Here are our honorable mentions that just didn’t make the cut:

Do you agree with our list?  Do you think we missed any videos that should be here?  Add your comments below.


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