Myomo and Ottobock Global Distribution Agreement

Myomo and Ottobock Global Distribution Agreement

The maker of the mobile assistive arm exoskeleton MyomoPro has entered into an exclusive global distribution agreement with Ottobock.  Ottobock is a giant in the world of prosthetics and orthotics with over 90 years of experience in the business.  According to its corporate website, Ottobock’s four divisions: Prosthetics, Orthotics, Mobility Solutions and MedicalCare have a distribution and service network in over 50 countries and employ more than 6000 employees worldwide.

Without a doubt, this is a smart move for both companies.  The Myomo and Ottobock global distribution agreement will allow exclusive sales of the patented MyoPro® orthosis technology.  Initially, starting with select markets in North America and Germany and then globally.  In return, Ottobock gets to complete its portfolio of wearable technology.  This well-established company already has motorized upper and lower body prosthetics and a powered* leg orthotic (the C-Brace).  However, until now, Ottobock did not have a powered arm orthotic device.  With the exclusive distribution agreement, the company is able to fill out its portfolio and offer complete robotic solutions for amputees and those suffering from weakened limbs.  Ottobock’s focus on augmentative technology designed to improve the quality of life of its customers at home is a fantastic match for Myomo.

* Correction: The C-Brace is a pseudo-passive exoskeleton.  While the device does have batteries, controller and sensors, they are not used to power a motor at the knee.  Instead they are used to operate a variable dampener.  The C-Brace can help certain people with walking, standing in place and descending stairs, but it will not provide additional power while walking or ascending stairs.  Feb, 2017

It has a been a good few months for Myomo!

In addition to the Myomo and Ottobock global distribution agreement, Myomo was recently awarded seed funds to develop pediatric medical devices.  The Philadelphia Pediatric Medical Device Consortium chose three out of eight finalists to receive a grant of $50,000 each.  Myomo will adapt its arm exoskeleton for children.  The new model (if successful) will be known as the MyoPro Motion-K ©.  You can find the full story at, “Three Companies Receive Seed Funds To Develop Medical Devices For Children.”

As we wrote in December of 2016, Myomo really is becoming an innovation leader in both technology and business!

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