SuperFlex Spin-Off From SRI, Bay Area Becomes Exoskeleton Hub

SuperFlex Spin-Off From SRI

SuperFlex is now the newest spin-off company of SRI Robotics, part of SRI International.  For the time being, SuperFlex will be the name of the company and their flagship exoskeleton/exosuit product.  Creating spin-off companies is a regular activity for SRI Robotics and it shows that enough people believe the FlexSuit is ready for commercial development.  Counting the Exoskeleton Report (ExR), SuperFlex will be the 6th company that is working with exoskeleton technology in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This turns the Bay Area into a central hub for exoskeleton technology and development.

The news of the SuperFlex spin-off from SRI International first broke on, see the full article here.  At ExR we have covered the SuperFlex suit already twice, first in December 2015:

SRI Robotics Exosuits And 4D Materials

And a second time in April 2016, though at this time I was convinced that SuperFlex was two words, oops:

SRI Robotics Super Flex Exosuit

It is really exciting to see SuperFlex become an independent commercial company.  It is not clear how the exosuit will be marketed.  SuperFlex can find a home in the military, civilian/recreational and medical/augmentation markets.

Exoskeleton Companies in Bay Area 2016

With the SuperFlex spin-off from SRI, the San Francisco Bay Area is now a world center for exoskeleton development (assuming SuperFlex stays in the Bay Area):

  • US Bionics/Suit X: Phoenix (medical/rehabilitation), MAX (work/industry)
  • Ekso Bionics: Ekso GT (medical/rehabilitation), Ekso Works (work/industry), Soft Exosuit (military)
  • AlterG: Bionic Leg (medical/rehabilitation)
  • Otherlab Orthotics: Soft Inflatable Exosuit (undefined, possible entry into all markets)
  • SuperFlex: SuperFlex (undefined, possible entry into all markets), Pediatric Exosuit (medical/rehabilitation)
  • Exoskeleton Report: News & Resources (though we also have our own Hip-Knee Exoskeleton)


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