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Walking Assist

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Honda Walking Assist Device, originally Honda Walking Assist – Stride Manager, is a hip only powered exoskeleton.  Its goal is to facilitate walking by providing additional force to swing the legs with each step.

In 2015, the Honda Walking Assist Device went on lease sale to businesses in Japan.  Sales for the unit are scheduled to commence later.



The Honda Walking Assist Device (Stride Manager) builds on the company’s experience with walking robots (example ASIMO).  The Walking Assist Device has been in research since 1999.

This exo is based on the inverted pendulum model, which is a theory of bipedal walking and is designed as a device to be used in the training of walking.  The onboard controller activates motors based on data obtained from hip angle sensors.   The main goal is to improve the symmetry of the timing of each leg lifting from the ground and extending forward.  It also promotes a longer stride for easier walking.

The Honda wearable robot weights 2.7 kg (6 lb).  It is built using proprietary motors and control system.  It is a minimalistic design attached to the body with simple straps.  The device is made to be highly adaptable to various body sizes.

Honda, Minato, Tokyo, Japan, website

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cecília Eloy Neves

    How can I buy one of this?

    • Bobby Marinov

      To the best of our team’s knowledge, the Honda Walking Assist is not available for purchase or rent in the US yet.

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