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Muscle Suit Every is a pneumatic back support exoskeleton by the Japanese producer Innophys. It relies on compressed air to provide assistance to the user. It is intended to assist the back when performing repetitive tasks that require leaning forward, lifting, carrying, or working in challenging and uncomfortable positions. As of 2024, it is one of the most popular exoskeletons ever made, with over 20,000 units produced.


The Muscle Suit Every is powered using pneumatics or, more specifically, compressed air-driven McKibben actuators. When pressurized, the actuator expands while simultaneously shrinking in length, generating a pulling force. Depending on the model, there are two methods to maintain the supply of the pressurized air needed to run the exosuit: a hand pump (20-45 pumps to energize the exo) or using an input port for an external air compressor.

The Muscle Suit Every is surrounded by a custom sleeve cover, which isolates the mechanism from the environment, provides water and dust resistance, and minimizes any chance of snagging.

The company’s website includes multiple use case examples and testimonials.

Selling Exoskeletons with Humor

Innophys teamed up with comedian Masatoshi Hamada to create the single funniest exoskeleton commercial to date. In this 30-second commercial from 2019, our protagonist flips through a body-builder magazine and gets inspired to buy the Muscle Suit. He unboxes his delivered exo and proceeds to help little kids, move stage props, help out with crates of fruit at the zoo, fight a mega-monster, and then pull everything back into reality and assist an elderly person getting out of bed.


  • Assists with up to 25.5 kgf of auxiliary force
  • 3.8 kg in weight (8.4 lb)
  • Worn like a backpack
  • Water and dustproof

Innophys CO, LTD, Evers12th Hachioji Building 5F, 7-6, Azumacho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan 192-0082, website

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