Marine Mojo

The Marine Mojo is a passive, single task exoskeleton with a specialized target market.  It absorbs the shocks and vibrations from standing on fast-moving, small watercraft.  These types of speedboats are often used by the military, Coastguard, police, and government wildlife protection agencies to patrol bays, rivers, and lakes.

The Marine Mojo is part of the Mojo family of exoskeletons.


The Marine Mojo design intent is:

  1. Provide relief from muscle fatigue which decreases the probability of injury and increases the alertness of the crew on small, fast patrol boats.
  2. This is a wearable purposely engineered and specialized for operating on watercraft.
  3. The Marine Mojo is a new iteration of the Ski~Mojo.  The design team of 20KTS+ is not re-inventing the wheel, but instead adopting a well-tested and proven design.
  4. The Marine Mojo is a passive exoskeleton, therefore has no electronics, sensors, or motors.  The device is much cheaper to manufacture, maintain, and own.
  5. This wearable is marketable.  A single knee repair can cost over $100,000 of medical fees for a navy.  This cost can equate to dozens if not hundreds of Marine Mojos.

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20KTS+, 5 The Terrace Mill Lane Sidlesham, Chichester West Sussex PO20 7NA, UK;

Update Jan 2021: The Marine Mojo project website, 20KTS+ is currently down for maintenance. Work and testing on the Marine Mojo continue.

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