The legX is a passive hip exoskeleton for work and industry. This wearable exoskeleton is designed to remove some loads from the knees while crouching, squatting, or standing for prolonged periods. This reduces the stress on the knees, reduces fatigue, and increases safety for workers using the exoskeleton.

While it is not currently featured on the SUITX by Ottobock website, it is still a supported product sold for select applications.


Design notes from the manufacturer: legX enables the user to squat repeatedly or for prolonged periods of time by reducing the knee joint and quadricep muscle forces.  The amount of support can be adjusted to suit the needs and weight of the user. The legX is offered with a custom work boot to maximize user comfort.  This intelligent system can distinguish between walking, ascending/descending stairs, and squatting to allow unimpeded locomotion and only provides support when support is desired.

legX also has a locking mode, where the exoskeleton can be used like a chair (or a chairless chair).  An anthropomorphic profile and adjustable sizing allow for natural movement and intuitive awareness of one’s position within tight spaces.  legX moves freely with a worker without impeding the wearer while providing support during squatting tasks.

Another feature of the legX (and all SuitX products) is the special attention to integration with already existing safety equipment.  The legX can be worn over most standard (and mandatory) safety harnesses.

Video: The legX in action for various tasks requiring squatting and standing for prolonged periods of time (examples: installing, grinding, cement laying, frame cutting):

SUITX by Ottobock, Duderstadt, Germany and Emeryville, USA, website


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