The Japet.W is a powered exoskeleton that is worn around the waist made by a French company by the same name. This wearable robot is designed as a solution to prevent and relieve back pain at work.

The Japet.W provides an active lumbar support to assist workers in every movement and helps those suffering from back pain to stay active.


The Japet.W is designed as an occupational exoskeleton to prevent and relieve back pain at work. It is meant to reduce the impact on the spine while handling heavy loads, repetitive tasks, and awkward postures. Therefore, it should allow for a decrease in the number of occupational accidents and work stoppages for low back pain. The goal is to relieve the workers’ backs. The Japet.W could be also applied to restore the abilities of workers suffering from lower back pain, allowing them to maintain full-time employment.

The Japet.W follows and adjusts itself in real-time to the user’s movements and preserves muscle activity in the lumbar area. Thus, the worker regains confidence while performing his movements. The goal is to maintain the workers’ mobility and preserve initial productivity.

The Japet’s exoskeleton maintains the user’s back and limits the postures which pose a risk. It promotes good postures and secures gestures. The goal is to reduce the risk of injury and occupational accidents.

Japet.W Technology:

  • The wearable device comes in under 2kg (4.4lb) in weight.
  • Utilizes modern robotics embedded in a soft textile body
  • The Japet.W straddles the line between a medical device and an industrial/occupation device
  • The Japet.W does not re-invent the wheel but is based on passive back-support braces instead

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