The Japet.C (Japet-Clinical) is a powered waist exoskeleton designed to relieve lumbar back pain. The orthoses are designed to provide lumbar support which instantaneously relieves 75% of people suffering from back pain while maintaining complete freedom of movement to restart daily activity and regain confidence in body movements.


Cooking, tinkering, or working… These daily activities are difficult to carry out when low back pain sets in. That’s why Japet has developed the Japet.C, the exoskeleton to relieve back pain. As reported by the company, Japet.C has been clinically tested and 75% of users feel immediate pain relief when using the orthosis. The goal of the device is to relieve the user’s pain on a daily basis.

Japet. C is meant to provide support without constraining the user. It is based on patented technology that aims to adapt to the user’s movements while supporting the lumbar vertebra, allowing the user to resume activities of every day living without pain.

The Japet.C is based on previously existing passive orthosis. The device recreates the relief felt when lying down. It is equipped with micromotors that aim to offload the weight off of the spine and recreate ambulatory traction, thus providing immediate relief from the pain caused by compression of the nerve root.

The Japet.C comes in at less than 2kg (4.4lb) in weight. It consists of adjustable textile belts, four micro motors, and a controller. It device has gone through clinical testing, more information is available from the manufacturer.

Expected availability is 2021 for patients in Europe.

270 rue Salvador Allende, 59120, Loos, FRANCE, website

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