The EXO-H3 is the third version of Technaid’s lower limbs robotic exoskeleton.  It is a powered hip-knee-ankle exoskeleton.  While it can be used for medical assistance or rehabilitation, the EXO-H3 is special compared to the vast majority of walking assist exoskeletons because it is designed as a research platform.


The EXO-H3 has an unusually in-depth technical brochure for a powered exoskeleton in 2020 which can be found on the company’s website: https://www.technaid.com/products/robotic-exoskeleton-exo-exoesqueleto-h3/  Hopefully, other exoskeleton developers will take note and also begin releasing a compare wealth of information on their wearable devices.

This is a powered hip-knee-ankle exoskeleton with a total of six motors actuating the wearable device.  The EXO-H3 can utilize both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless communication.  The mainframe is composed of stainless steel and aluminum.  The wearable robot comes with a combination of 16 positional, torque and pressure sensors.  The total weight with batteries is reported as 17kg.

EXO-H3 by Technaid, Avenida de Madrid, 84, Arganda del Rey, 28500, Madrid – Spain, website

Wearable Robots CA 16116 LogoThis product description has been provided courtesy of COST Action 16116 Wearable Robots – Augmentation, Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Functions – website

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  1. Poramate Manoonpong

    The EXO-H3 is a good platform for research and development. We have used it for our research on rehabilitation. It can be interfaced to ROS and tested with developed controllers.

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