The DeltaSuit® by Auxivo AG is a shoulder and arm support device designed to assist workers engaged in repetitive overhead work.


The Swiss exoskeleton manufacturer Auxivo AG unveiled the DeltaSuit in April 2023. It is a backpack-like wearable device for anyone needing continuous work at or above shoulder level. The DeltaSuit is a passive shoulder-support exoskeleton that utilizes a new approach to reduce loads on the shoulder and neck muscles while simultaneously reducing fatigue.

The DeltaSuit is uniquely different from the twenty or so shoulder support exoskeletons (link to catalog) available to the public. For starters, the DeltaSuit does not have a belt around the waist nor supporting rods or beams connecting it. This is done to make it easier to wear with fewer restrictions to normal body movement. This, and many additional innovations, result in a novel solution that combines rigid and soft elements.

Additional innovations include a split vest upper body interface, integrated elastic energy storage elements, aerospace-grade aluminum alloys, and dynamic misalignment compensation. In yet another quality-of-life improvement, the DeltaSuit will not push the user’s arms upwards when lowered.

“We are thrilled to launch the DeltaSuit, our latest innovation in the exoskeleton market,” said Volker Bartenbach, CEO of Auxivo AG. “The DeltaSuit will provide workers the support they need to perform their jobs with less strain and fatigue. At Auxivo, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that enhance worker safety and well-being, and we take pride in adding the DeltaSuit to our portfolio and providing our customers with the best possible solutions.”

Size & Customization:

The DeltaSuit will come in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. The design calls for a suit with fewer straps and adjustments compared to what has been previously available on the market. This wearable device is meant to be more similar to a backpack in its ease of use and freedom of movement. This also reduces the total footprint of the exo.

The level and angle of maximum support should be adjustable without tools using a built-in switch. It includes low and high support (5.2 Nm and 6.6 Nm peak torque).

Auxivo AG, Sonnenbergstrasse 72, 8603 Schwerzenbach, Switzerland, website

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