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Bionic Power Aims to Build and Donate Agilik Devices to Children and Youth in Canada

Bionic Power Aims to Build and Donate Agilik Devices to Children and Youth in Canada

The Canadian company Bionic Power is starting a GoFundMe campaign to produce and donate pediatric powered gait-assist exoskeletons. In Canada and the US alone, thousands of children and youth can benefit from the Agilik. The Agilik is a powered leg exoskeleton that can help children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, hemiparesis, and other gait and mobility disorders stand taller and walk stronger.

Bionic Power aims to build and donate up to 25 Agilik wearable powered exoskeletons to children and youth in Canada where the device is not covered by insurance! Apply for a donated device here:

Join the Agilik Movement to build and donate Agilik devices to children and youth in Canada:

The company will factor in eligibility and application timing when determining which applicants may receive their own powered exoskeleton, so apply early!

About the Agilik powered exoskeleton:

The Agilik (previous version known as Strydr) exoskeleton is a gait rehabilitation solution designed to improve crouch gait, often seen in persons with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and other knee-extension-deficiency disorders. The intent is to help children retain or increase their mobility, especially for those whose condition will cause further mobility deterioration into adulthood. The goal is to stop or reverse this by reducing crouch gait (or flexed knee), increasing extension, and strengthening the legs.

This exoskeleton is lightweight and suitable for children and small adults. Its compact gearbox and motor are designed to apply an assistive torque in the direction of motion to help the muscles or a resistive torque opposing the direction of motion to build strength. The Agilik is used with a custom-molded knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO).

About Bionic Power:

Trying Out the Bionic Power Amplify Kinetic Energy Harvesting Exoskeleton

“‘The team at Bionic Power were a pleasure to work with, super kind, friendly, and great hosts,’ concludes Matt. ‘I appreciated them letting me try out all of their exoskeletons, and I understand that these are only prototypes, not the final products. I’m looking forward to seeing where they can go from here,’” wrote a friend of ExR Matthew Marino in 2022 when he had an opportunity to visit the Bionic Power Headquarters. (read the full article: Trying Out the Amplify Knee Exoskeleton By Bionic Power).

Bionic Power is an early-stage company with a team of passionate people who, amongst other projects, have developed a potentially life-changing therapeutic wearable device for children with knee-extension deficiencies.

Bionic Power was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. It has a rich history of exoskeleton research, usually focusing on the knees. Throughout its history, the company has made energy harvesting, powered exoskeletons to augment the movement of healthy individuals, and medical wearable robots, both pediatric and adult.


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  • Thank you Bobby and the Exoskeleton Report for helping to bring attention to our GoFundMe campaign to give away up to 25 Agilik smart orthoses! We appreciate your work keeping us all informed about the world of exoskeletons.

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