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Exoskeleton Report Digital Magazine, Vol 2, Issue 1, Feb 2, 2024

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The Exoskeleton Report is excited to announce the release of Volume 2, Issue 1 of our digital magazine, an edition that promises to immerse our readers in the latest advancements and discussions in exoskeleton technology.

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This issue opens with a groundbreaking interview with Larry Jasinski, CEO of ReWalk Robotics (now rebranded as Lifeward), offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of medical exoskeleton reimbursement in the U.S. This segment highlights the significant strides taken in incorporating exoskeletons into the Medicare brace benefit category, a development that could reshape the industry.

Further, our coverage from the National Ergonomics Conference in Las Vegas provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and applications of exoskeleton technology in various industries. This section includes detailed recaps of key presentations and panels, emphasizing the growing impact of exoskeletons in occupational settings.

A notable feature in this issue is the detailed overview of the internship opportunity at ASTM’s Exo Technology Center of Excellence. This piece offers a glimpse into the opportunities and experiences that await interns at this cutting-edge center, emphasizing the role of research and standards development in advancing exoskeleton technologies.

The magazine also includes an events calendar, and an overview of HFES ErgoX 2023. Expect coverage of A+A WearRAcon 23 in the next installment!

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