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Ekso Bionics Opens an Online Shop

Ekso Bionics Opens an online store page
Ekso Bionics Opens an online store page

Have you ever wanted to purchase an exoskeleton with just a few clicks?  Well, now you can buy an EksoVest™ from Ekso Bionics from the new Shop.EksoBionics site.  The site includes a list price, a quick start guide, an introductory video and much more.

One small step for Ekso Bionics, one giant leap for the exoskeleton industry

Having a passive shoulder support exoskeleton be available to buy online is not just a convenience but a major milestone for the entire exo technology field.  It shows an evolution and maturation of the technology.  It makes wearable human augmentation devices for the workplace that much less exotic and just, normal.

It is true that spring-loaded vests for camera and jig holding and operations have been sold online and in printed catalogs for many years.  Exoskeletons, in contrast, have not enjoyed this additional exposure until now, even though a few were supposed to have gone on sale online in the past (but they never did).

Online store webpages, like the one for the EksoVest increases the exposure for wearable devices.  It reduces the ownership and evaluation barriers.  It forces the producer to have a formal list price which creates a sense of fairness and is a monumental step in creating an exoskeleton marketplace.

Re-organizing information

Another hidden advantage of online stores for exo technology is the ability to summarize and categorize information on the devices.  As mentioned already, the EksoVest e-commerse page includes a quick-guide, the full user manual, and an informative breezy video.  Much of this information has already been published in the past, but the EksoVest product display page (PDP) provides a brand new access point to it.

You can see the Ekso Bionics new e-commerse shop by following this link.  Also, if you haven’t seen it already, explore the Exoskeleton Report Catalog here.  It is a visual guide to over sixty devices and the categories they fall into and is meant to provide a quick, birds-eye level view of the entire exo industry.


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