COST Action: Online Questionnaire for Developers of Wearable Robotic Exoskeletons for Walking

Wearable Robotics.EU Survey

While the exoskeleton industry is bigger than it has ever been, it continues to be quite fragmented.  COST Action CA16116, Wearable Robots for Augmentation, Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Functions, is taking a bold step forward in characterizing and uniting the efforts of wearable robotics developers by creating an industry-wide survey.

COST Action CA16116 calls for all for all students, clinicians, and developers of lower body powered exoskeletons to enter their thoughts and concerns on a multiple of topics.  All entries will be kept anonymous.  The tabulated results will be presented at the Cybathlon session that will be held in BioRob2018 (August 29, 2018) and will also be posted on their main website: WearableRobots.EU

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This is your chance to make an impact on the future of exoskeleton development!

About COST Action CA16166

COST is supported in part by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.  Its goal is to focus on the European integration of the various fields that make up wearable robotics such as human-robot interactions, ergonomics, ethical, legal and societal considerations.  The work is divided across six distinct workgroups.  The COST Action is designated to run from 2017 to 2021.

Brick and Mortar

The segmentation of the exoskeleton industry decreases its ability to connect with users and navigate the waters of government regulations.  Imagine if you will, each exoskeleton developer as a stone or a brick in a structure.  Splintered and fragmented, the industry resembles a tower without mortar.  Lacking any framework holding the developers together, the growth and stability of the industry are severely limited.

Initiatives like this survey led by organizations such as the COST Action, EduExo, Wearable Robotics Association, IISART, ISO, and ASTM can become the mortar that binds the exoskeleton industry together and propels wearable robotics development into the future (the sky is the limit).

Edited: Aug 15, 2018
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