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The Opportunity Bridge Program will be hosted for the second time at the Wearable Robotics Association  Conference 2018, WearRAcon18.  The Opportunity Bridge Program is designed to help small organizations and teams meet with larger organizations through quick 10 minute introductory sessions.  Sign up sheets will be available during the WearRAcon18 event registration and currently are online on WearRA’s website.

Getting the most out of a conference:

Conferences vary in size and topics beyond imagination, but one thing that is constant is the value in the hallway and side room conversations.  A conference is more than a collection of keynote speakers and product demos.  Modern media, high picture quality, and the race for visibility have made much of the content once available only at technical conferences free and easy to access.

Where technical conferences like WearRAcon18 can really shine is in all of the random hallway discussions and meetings that can take place.  In this case, more than 200 exoskeleton experts, users, regulators, buyers, designers and evaluators from all over the world will converge on Arizona.  This is a networking and idea exchange opportunity unlike any a website can offer (including the Exoskeleton Report).  But what if you are shy or have an action-packed schedule and you are planning to hit all of the booths and presentations?  This is where the Opportunity Bridge Program is designed to work for you by taking the randomness out of the equation!

Opportunity Bridge Program

Just like the name suggests, the goal is to build bridges between people.  More specifically, between small and large companies.  Rather than relying on luck or your attention-grabbing ability, the Opportunity Bridge Program aims to structure the usually chaotic in-between time and to maximize the benefits of attending the conference.

Facilitating connections between small and large companies makes sense.  For example, in the semiconductor industry, one company could create the motors for a wafer transfer robot, another will be in charge of the motor controllers and drivers, a third will put them together for a fourth company to use.  Such vertical integration makes sense and allows each company to become a specialist in their field.  The exoskeleton industry only stands to benefit from establishing business partnerships like this.

Directly From the Source

WearRA–Opportunity Bridge is sponsored by WearRA as a way to help ensure open dialog and exchange between large “Host” organizations and smaller “Proposer” organizations through the creation of 10-minute introductory meetings. This helps ensure proper connection and sharing of information to help open the door for possible future connections. There is no fee for this service – it is free to all participants of WearRAcon18.

How it works:

Go to WearRA-Opportunity Bridge Program for more details (such as NDA’s and floor space locations), and more importantly to gain access to the online sign-up sheet.


Special thanks to Mark Roser and the Wearable Robotics Association Opportunities Committee for putting together this year’s Opportunity Bridge Program!


Updated March 19, 2018 for flow and grammer.

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  • Will there be any telecommunication servjces available for the bridge program for some people that can’t make it?

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