ReWalk Robotics plans India launch of walking device by second quarter – Reuters

The ReWalk Exoskeleton Goes on Sale in India
The ReWalk Exoskeleton Goes on Sale in India


The above article does a great job summarizing the current state of ReWalk and the importance this development could have on the company’s financial performance.  ReWalk’s stock has been continually sliding from a 52-week high of $43.71 down to the $13 dollar range.  Part of this slump is most likely due to the realization by investors that exoskeleton technology companies are still a long way from achieving large sales volumes.  For example, the ReWalk exoskeleton is  the only product approved for home use by the FDA, however, the exoskeleton is still slow, unstable, and requires a certified person to be always present to assist with its operation (for more information see Overselling the Dream of Personal Use Exoskeletons).   This combined with the high cost of the device means that for now, the average consumer with mobility impairment will choose a wheelchair over a power suit.  Arguably, five or ten years from now this will no longer be the case, but investors looking to make a quick profit from ReWalk will continue fleeing the company.



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  • I am interested to buy robotic exoskeleton support system for my son as he is suffering by heridetery spastic paraphrases he need support for getting up,standing and walking. He can’t balance his body he has wickness in both legs his age is 25, weight is 75kg is this system help him to walk independently. What is cost of system further how you provided services after sale as well as training to the patient is it available in india pl reply as earlier
    With regards
    Datta jadhav Mumbai

    • Dear Datta, there are exoskeleton rehabilitation programs being developed in India, but our team is not aware of any work on a home-use device. The situation should improve as the technology becomes more accessible in the coming years.

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