AJAX – Exoskeleton By High School Students

AJAX Exoskeleton
Video Screen Capture of AJAX Exosuit Team

Who said that making an exoskeleton is for PhD engineers backed by multi-million dollar companies?!  A group of high school students from the San Francisco Bay Area are working on a powered exoskeleton, the AJAX, in a garage in preparation for the May 2015 Maker Fair.  You can see the student’s video showing their progress below:

The AJAX team consisting of eight high school students has set up a kickstarter page to help fund their project and as of this date have raised over $7000.

For more information and pictures, you can visit the team’s website.

While the exoskeleton suit may not be as sleek and responsive as a professional one, it is highly impressive that a group of very young individuals is not intimidated by the complexity of such a project!


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