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NBC 5 Dallas – ReWalk

ReWalk Unveiled in Dallas - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth News
ReWalk Unveiled in Dallas - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth News

NBC 5 Dallas – Fort Worth covers React, a spinal cord injury recovery gym that has just received a ReWalk exoskeleton.  This news segment presents the ReWalk Exoskeleton in a particularly positive light. The women in the video clearly have different experience levels using the device, however they are all able to move fluidly and more importantly, with giant smiles on their faces.  The video producer captures the excitement in the room. There is a sense that this is the future and disabled people will not have to be in their wheelchairs unless they want to.  Let’s not disappoint them!

Source: NBC 5 Dallas – Fort Worth, New Device in Dallas Helps Paralyzed Patients Walk Again

While there isn’t much technical content featured in the video, monitoring how the general public perceives exoskeleton technology will become more and more important going forward.  In  order for the exoskeleton market to grow, it will have to be accepted by the general public or it’s at risk of becoming another Segway.

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