Syrebo Hand Rehabilitation Robot

The Syrebo Hand Rehabilitation System is a powered robotic glove for the mobilization of the fingers. It is meant to be utilized in a clinical setting as a supplementary tool for hand physical rehabilitation or as a take-home device.


Based on the advanced theoretical system of hand function rehabilitation in the “central-peripheral-central” closed-loop rehab intervention mode, the Syrebo® Hand Rehabilitation System is designed to help patients relearn and recover hand motor functions via a series of passive and active exercises to restore self-reliance ability. It offers multiple training modes, such as passive/ resistance/ assistance/ mirror/ fine motor/ active game training, and so on. Patients also can perform strength and coordination training and evaluation. A large number of user files can be established to record users’ data, which is convenient for therapists to customize personalized rehab programs.

Structurally, the Syrebo® Hand Rehabilitation Robot is a powered, tethered pneumatic exoskeleton glove that is capable of generating both motion and resistance. The robotic glove can mobilize the fingers in both flexion and extension.

Shanghai SiYi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, 2F, Building 13, 2388 Xiupu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, website

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