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A spin-off from MIT, Myomo makes a custom fit, motorized arm brace that uses muscle EMG signal for control.
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The MyoPro is based on technology patented technology developed at MIT, Harvard Medical School and by Myomo.  It is one of the few exoskeletons focused for home-use.  The company has a laser focus on upper-body: arm and wrist physical assistance.

It is controlled through the use of surface sensors.  The goal is to provide intuitive control so the wearable can assist in completing tasks of everyday living.

The company has been featured on multiple occasions on the Exoskeleton Report: topic=Myomo.  Notably, the MyoPro was selected as the featured product for the 2017 release of SolidWork, one of the most popular computer-aided design (CAD) software solutions at the time: MyoPro the Assistive Arm Exoskeleton by Myomo Featured in SolidWorks


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Cambridge, MA, USA
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