Laevo B.V.

Laevo B.V.
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Laevo focuses on passive back support exoskeletons for work and industry. It was one of the very first exoskeleton companies to make their wearable available to try at WearRAcon16.
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Laevo is developing a light and comfortable exoskeleton for work and industry that redistributes forces away from the user’s back muscles while bending forward.  Laevo had two suits for demonstrations at WearRAcon16, and the ExR team was left speechless!  Read more in our article: Laevo Presentation and Demo at WearRAcon16

The Laevo passive exoskeleton is based on the work by InteSpring and Laevo. The "two companies that are inextricably linked, but at the same time two independent companies."

"Laevo evolves from the X-Arm project, started by InteSpring in December 2009 as a grant project. It was a collaboration between TU Delft, InteSpring, SenterNovem (nowadays Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland | and Stichting Agis: 'The development of an exoskeleton for supporting the upper body during lifting in health care.' At the end of 2013, the project was completed with very good results and the exoskeleton for working in a bent-over position was a fact. The potency and potential impact of this exoskeleton is very large, but could not be realized without good partners. With the participation of Achmea Zorgparticipaties, the company 'Laevo' was founded on the 4th of September 2013."

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Delft, Nederland
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Laevo V2, Laevo Flex (V3)

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