The Excellent Exo Chat Exoskeleton Technology Podcasts Surpasses 5000 Downloads

The Excellent Exo Chat Surpasses 5000 downloads Exoskeleton Podcast 2023

The Exo Excellent Chat reached over 5000 podcast downloads last month! Exoskeleton education is one of the most important aspects of the emerging industry, and it is thanks to ASTM International Exo Technology Center of Excellence (ET CoE) that there is another excellent source of education and information on exoskeleton technology. Since 2022, ASTM has run a dedicated weekly podcast examining everything that is going on with and adjacent to exo technology, wearable robotics, and the way of the future.

The ASTM Exo Excellent Chat started one year ago, in March 2022, and has released episodes consistently every Monday. The ASTM Exo Excellent Chat is hosted by William “Bill” Billotte and Nora Nimmerichter. They discuss how these technologies are used and impact people through conversations with experts and users. Bill is the Executive Director of the Exo Technology Center of Excellence and the Director of Global Exo Technology Programs at ASTM International and has previously advised companies and various federal and international agencies on exoskeleton best practices. Nora is a Staff Member at ASTM working on ASTM approval guides. 

The ASTM Exo Excellent Chat covers a wide and diverse set of topics regarding exoskeletons usage, with some previous episode topics, including their use for bomb disposal, building exoskeletons at home, and the importance of fit. ASTM Exo Excellent Chat is produced in digestible chunks of ten to thirty minutes per episode. The podcast is in a light, conversational format. The two hosts never try to hit each and every subtopic, making it much easier to listen to than an audiobook or a webinar.

It is critical that important organizations within the industry, such as the ASTM International ET CoE, take this impetus to be educators, evangelists, and thought leaders when it comes to exoskeletons. Podcasts are an increasingly important area to have voices in as they are among the fastest-growing media mediums. 

The ASTM Exo Excellent Chat can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Buzzsprout, Amazon Music, Stitcher, iHeart, and Podcast Addict. You can also access the podcast directly from your computer via the ET CoE website:

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