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Exoskeletons Showcased at LiUNA’s Ohio Laborers’ Training Center

Exoskeletons showcased at LiUNA
Exoskeletons showcased at LiUNA

The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) held an exoskeleton training event at the Ohio Laborers’ Training Center. The gathering drove the adoption of this wearable technology with the help of standards and guides. For this purpose, representatives from Virginia Tech, NIST, NIOSH, ASTM Committee F48 on Exoskeletons and Exosuits, and Hilti were in attendance. The two-minute video below (link) produced by the LiUNA News Network does an excellent job of summarizing the event:

The ASTM Exoskeleton Center of Excellence (ET CoE), of which the Exoskeleton Report is a proud founding member, has been fostering a positive relationship of cooperation with LiUNA for the past year. Events like this are an excellent opportunity to bring regulators, designers, and standardization bodies of exoskeleton technology face-to-face with real-life users who stand to benefit the most from the refinement and introduction of wearables.

ET CoE Exoskeleton Podcast

The LiUNA newscast mentions the ET CoE podcast. Professor Karl Zelik, the CSO and co-founder of the exosuit company HeroWear, recently described the podcast as one of the best ways to get started if you are trying to learn more about real-life exoskeletons. He wrote that the podcast is made by:

  • Bill Billotte and Nora Nimmerichter direct the Exo Tech Center of Excellence within ASTM, a non-profit organization that develops industry standards.
  • The podcast is just them having casual conversations about exoskeletons. They cover important topics but in a way that is laid-back and approachable.

You can find a link to the podcast on the ET CoE website:


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