Countdown to WearRAcon19

Countdown to WearRAcon19

The wearable robotics industry has become bigger than ever.  In a recent article, Fourier Intelligence counts as many as 168 active companies and research institutes that are working on exoskeletons.  This year’s Wearable Robotics Association Conference (WearRAcon19) will be the fourth consecutive time the event has been held in Phoenix Arizona.  WearRAcon19’s keynote speakers this year are none other than Dr. Hugh Herr of the MIT Media Lab and Dr. Robert Riener of ETH Zurich.

In addition to the main events and keynote presentations, this year’s WearRAcon will once again let attendees choose between a chain of sessions in either an industry or medical/rehabilitation track.  The conference will also feature spotlight demos from companies like Angel Robotics which had a great run at the last Cybathlon exoskeleton race.  Expect to see presenters from BMW, Intel, ASTM, Columbia University, Kessler Foundation, and many others.  The full schedule is already posted and can be found at:

Another new and exciting development this year is that WearRAcon19 will be held back-to-back with a meeting of ASTM International’s F48 on Exoskeletons and Exosuits.  Talk about synergy!  You can see the latest and greatest in the wearable robotics industry, rub shoulders and network with the industry’s thought leaders and then transition into defining a common framework for the use and description of exoskeletons and exosuits without even having to change venues.

Of course, no WearRAcon is complete without its two signature programs, the Innovation Challenge and the Bridge Program.  While very different in nature, both programs are designed to allow for small teams and companies to shine and create connections with customers and potential partners in the field.

The exoskeleton industry has grown larger than it has ever been.  It has matured from product concepts to beginning to accumulate a sizable body of empirical evidence of the efficacy of this technology.  The next hurdles will be to craft a coherent message for consumers, investors and regulators regarding what can be expected moving forward.  It won’t happen overnight, but only through meeting together and engaging in conversation can this process get underway and WearRAcon19 is going to be ground zero!

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