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Exoskeleton Report News January 1st to 15th, 2017

Exoskeleton Report News January 1st to 15th, 2017

This is the first batch of news pertaining to the world of wearable exoskeleton technology for 2017.  Main topics:

-Superflex has released images of their new suit, the Aura.  But where is the company going with this?

-CES 2017: Atlas by Japet, Hyundai H-MEX medical, H-WEX back support

-Lego Laevo being tested by StudioX

-Shield carrying vest by Baker Ballistics


-Hyper suit VR Simulator

-Ekso Bionics enters 10 million loan agreement

-ReWalk Robotics laying off 10% of their staff

-StrongArm Technologies CEO Sean Petterson makes Forbes’ 30 Under 30,

-WearRA Innovation Challenge, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Watch all the news on our YouTube channel:

It’s a new year and we are trying out something different at the Exoskeleton Report.  We have produced a YouTube video to condense all of the news instead of writing a long article.  We hope that you give it a try, and press the like button if you want us to try out a few more videos.  Happy Watching!


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  • Hi Bobby, thanks for the video attempt but I would prefer keeping with the writen reports. Video is too linear and imposes to go through all the video, one can’t chose specific subjects and it’s difficult to pick information going back or forth. And watching the video I had to take notes to be able to keep interesting points to explore deeper. I think some video might be usefull but only as a complement to the writen report. However thanks for your great work, best regards, Jean-Marc

    • Thank you very much for your input! The more user comments we get, the easier it is to know how to move forward. I think that doing nine stories at the same time was way too ambitious and difficult to follow.

  • Bobby, I’ve missed your reports the last few weeks! Thanks so much for your hard and great work to keep me educated about the industry. You are the # 1 resource. Happy 2017

  • Thanks, Bobby.
    Good to learn the new type of your report which is still fruitful to the readers.
    However, I am just wondering maybe not all listeners can fully understand the video if they are not the native speakers in English.
    Anyway, good try and look forward to learning more from you
    Thank you for your effort

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