WearRAcon16 Wearable Robotics Conference, Feb 2016

Wearable Robotics Association Conference, WearRAcon16, Feb 10-12, Phoenix, AZ, USA -
Wearable Robotics Association Conference, WearRAcon16, Feb 10-12, Phoenix, AZ, USA -

The Wearable Robotics Association is proud to present the first Wearable Robotics Conference (WearRAcon) in 2016.  WearRAcon16 will take place in Phonex, Arizona, USA from the 10th to the 12th of February the upcoming year.  What makes this convention special is the specialization on exoskeleton and wearable robotics technology specifically.  There have been multiple events in the past that have included exoskeletons as part of a larger gathering on wearable technology, military or medical solutions.  The WearRAcon will be the first convention that focuses exclusively on powered suits, exoskeletons, exosuits and wearable robotics.

About the Organizers:

WearRAcon16 is organized by the new Wearable Robotics Association.  If you haven’t already in the past, make sure you visit their website:  The WearRA membership costs anything from $50 to $1000 depending on your background and is pro-rated for late comers.  The membership comes with multiple perks such as access to an extended wiki and forums.


The WearRAcon16 is sponsored by: ÖssurIntelIEEE and the ASU Rehabilitation Robotics Workshop.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has awarded WearRA with a research grant in support of the association’s research in wearable robotics and standards.  NIST together with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Study Group will also offer a Standards and Technology Workshop during WearRAcon16.


The speaker line-up for WearRAcon16 is up on the convention’s website.  It includes predominantly professors involved in biomechatronics research but there will also be representatives from Ekso Bionics (Ekso Works, Ekso, Warrior Web Project under TALOS), Hocoma (Lokomat), TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (Atlas), and NASA (X1 Exoskeleton), NIST.


In addition to the convention, the team at WearRA have also setup up an Innovation Competition.  Everyone has a chance to submit an idea that directly impacts wearable robotics technology.  The submission is open until December 15th, 2015 and the winner will receive $5000.  More importantly, the top 10 candidates will be invited to present at the WearRAcon16, instantly earning your design worldwide recognition by the top professionals and academics in this new industry.  To apply, follow the directions on the WearRA Innovation Competition page.


Interested in going?  Tickets run on average $950 with 300-500 expected attendees and can be found on WearRA registration page.

Looking Forward:

Between WearRAcon and the Cybathlon-Exoskeleton Race 2016 will be the first year that exoskeleton researchers and developers from around the globe will have an opportunity to gather in one place.  In addition to the media opportunity, competitions and professional gatherings should demonstrate to financial investors that wearable robotics is a serious industry worthy of subsidizing.

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