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The purpose of is to provide a website solely devoted to exoskeleton systems.  All exoskeleton news are separated by source: research, industry, financial and video only.

Wearable robotics is an emerging field with great prospects in its future!  Many people are either not aware of the field or have been presented with outlandish claims making it hard to take exoskeletons seriously.  Information on powered exoskeletons is now becoming ample, but is scattered throughout the internet or buried in large, general websites that capture news from many different fields at the same time.

It is our hope, that this website can become a go-to center for exoskeleton information.

Warm regards,
Bobby Marinov

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  1. A realy interesting web site. We hope to find in it many further technical explanations and the references about inventors as weel as any other industrial initiative about this new product. Many thanks for your work.

  2. NewTechEra // June 17, 2016 at 4:44 pm // Reply

    I’m starting to come to this site more often. This is a great resource for exoskeleton information and to find out what is new and developing in the field. Keep up the good work!

  3. This website has been invaluable for my essay on exoskeletons. Thanks for all the news, the future’s looking cool!

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