Roam Robotics

Roam Robotics
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Roam specializes in lower-body pneumatic (compressed air actuated) exoskeletons. The company's first product is a commercial exoskeleton for skiing.
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Roam Robotics was founded by Tim Swift, one of the first designers to work on the Ekso medical exoskeleton by Ekso Bionics.  However, his experience with rigid frame exoskeletons at UC Berkeley and Ekso Bionics made him question how these devices can be made more lightweight and cost-effective?  Tim Swift switched workplaces to the other side of the San Francisco Bay and pursued fabric-based wearable robots based on the actuation technology by Otherlab.

Roam Robotics has now left Otherlab and is now located diagonally and across the street from it.  The company has grown in 2018-2019 and has the vision to expand beyond consumer exoskeletons and produce devices for military and medical applications.

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San Francisco, CA
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Elevate Ski Exoskeleton, Ascend, Forge

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