MileBot Robotics

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MileBot Robotics
Short Business Description:
Shenzhen MileBot Robotics Co., Ltd. is a China is primarily medical rehabilitation robotics company with the vision to use science and technology to help move forward successfully.
More Information:

Shenzhen MileBot Robotics Co., Ltd. has several medical exoskeletons featured on its website (last accessed May 2020). The company features one powered exoskeleton for walking rehabilitation, one fixed frame exoskeleton that is suspended over a controlled surface, one powered glove and one back support device. Some of the exoskeleton renders shown look remarkably similar to existing devices, but those could be place holders.

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Shenzen, China
Year Company Founded:
Products & Projects:

BEAR-H1 Exoskeleton Robot for Lower Limb Rehabilitation, PB-1 Lumbar exoskeleton, Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot, MoonWalker Treadmill-Based Rehabilitation Robot

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