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Kubota is a manufacturer of farming and heavy equipment and has worked on an "waist, arms and upper body" farming assist exoskeleton.
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Development of WIN-1 Winch-type Power Assist Suit

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Domestic agriculture, which has many problems such as rapid aging and labor shortages, is under pressure to change. One solution is to promote the further activities of women and the elderly in agriculture. On the other hand, mechanization has progressed in domestic agriculture, but there are still many people carrying heavy loads, especially in vegetable and fruit farming. The work of stacking 20 kg containers filled with crops from ground to shoulder height is a heavy strain on the waist, arms and upper body of workers. To respond to these demands, Kubota has worked on the development of a power assist suit that assists both the waist and the upper body. As a result, Kubota produced the WIN - 1, which adopts a unique assist system with a winch, realizing easy operation and natural control, and started selling it in 2017.

Link: https://www.kubota.com/rd/report/no51.html

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WIN-1 Winch-type Power Assist Suit

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