SEM Glove

The SEM Glove is an assistive hand device designed to counteract a weak grasp.  The lack of strength in the fingers to hold onto objects can be due to muscle or neurological problems.  The SEM Glove is thus designed to capture a wide range of users.


The Robotic SEM™(Soft Extra Muscle) technology is an intuitive grip strengthening aid.  The glove is based on patented technology developed over half a decade of research.

The SEM Glove is made out of three parts: a lightweight glove with sensors, a pouch with a controller and batteries and a connection system.  The connection system has an easy to use snap on/off feature making it effortless to remove or replace the glove.  The system weight is 700 g (1.5 lb).

The supplied assistive power can be adjusted depending on the needs of the user.  Embedded sensors at the finger tips of the glove ensure that the proper force is applied.  The design is meant to be lightweight and minimalistic.  It should provide assistance with minimal interference.

Bioservo estimates that in Europe, North America, and Japan alone more than 50 million people have a weak hand grasp due to illness, injury, stroke or old age.  The SEM Glove aims to provide a solution to all of these people, regardless if they need the extra grip boost at home, a rehabilitation center, or at the workplace.

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Bioservo Technologies AB, Isafjordsgatan 39B, 164 40 Kista, Sweden, website

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