FLx ErgoSkeleton

The FLx ErgoSkeleton is a range limiting work vest for industrial use.  The FLx naturally reminds the user of the correct posture and lifting techniques while on the job site.


Unlike other exoskeletons, the FLx ErgoSkeleton does not try to assist or augment the user physically but instead focuses exclusively on keeping the user safe.  The FLx keeps the position of the human body as to always stay within a safe body posture while lifting or moving heavy objects.  The FLx applies pressure to remind the user both during improper lifts and over rotation.

The FLx ErgoSkeleton pays for itself over the long term by reducing the injury rates on the workplace and removing project delays due to unforeseen injuries.

In 2016, the FLx and V22 by StrongArm Technologies are the most widely distributed exoskeletons in the world with over 50,000 units in circulation.

The FLx is highly adjustable and comes in three different sizes.

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