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The Ekso Works by Ekso Bionics is a passive tool holding exoskeleton in development by Ekso Bionics.

In 2016 the Ekso Works is being tested at multiple industrial sites and it has not gone on sale.  It is also not listed officially as an Ekso Bionics product, but it appears to have moved well past the research phase.


The Ekso Works is a passive tool holding exoskeleton.  This exoskeleton takes the weight of a heavy instrument such as a grinder and redirects it directly into the ground.  This is achieved using a spring loaded arm that is connected to an exoskeleton frame.  A gimbal mechanism allows for full motion of the instrument while a counterweight keeps the user balanced.

In general, tool holding exoskeletons have been demonstrated to be very successful in specific tasks.  They reduce worker fatigue while improving safety and injury prevention.  Becuase of the upfront cost, it will take long-term statistical data to prove that this type of exoskeletons can bring cost reduction to intense work sites such as shipyards.

Ekso Works demonstration at Ekso Bionics for Wired:

Another video featuring the Ekso Works, this time by Make:

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Ekso Bionics, 1414 Harbour Way S #1201, Richmond, CA 94804, website

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