AWN-03 is a powered exoskeleton at the hips for work and industry.  This wearable robot is designed to assist workers with lifting heavy objects by providing torque at the hips and reducing the stress on the spine.

In 2016 the AWN-03B is sold in Japan, primarily for evaluation purposes.


The AWN-03 is a powered hip exoskeleton for work and industry made by ActiveLink.  ActiveLink is part of Panasonic and has been developing exoskeletons for the workplace for more than a decade.

The AWN-03B is smaller and more specialized than prior prototypes.  Its primary goal is to reduce the burden on the body when lifting and lowering heavy objects.  ActiveLink is building a case for the use and benefit of its exoskeleton at multiple sites in the fields of logistics, manufacturing, construction and civil engineering.

The AWN-03B features the following improvements:

  • Increased resistance to dust and water  (IP55 compliant)
  • Realization of movement more accurately matching that of the user
  • Changes to the shape to be more user-friendly in tight places
  • Improved fit (changes to belt and pad shape)

Specifications of AWN-03 (from 2015):

Assumed work: loading and unloading heavy loads
Assisting force: maximum 15 kgf (2 motors)
Operating time: about 8 hours (1 exclusive lithium ion battery)
Assist mode: 3 types (lifting, holding middle posture, assist off (walking))
Device outer dimensions: height 80 cm x width 48 cm x depth 27 cm
Device weight: Approximately 6 kg (excluding battery and harness section)
Motor: AWN-03 dedicated high torque AC motors (2 units equipped)
Battery: 48.1 V Li-ion battery (with protection circuit)

Video (in Japanese):

Articles on ActiveLink & Panasonic.

ActiveLink Corporation, (part of Panasonic) Headquarters: Nara City, Nara Prefecture, President: Hiromichi Fujimoto, website

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