The ARKE™ is a lower body exoskeleton designed to empower paraplegics and other wheelchair-bound individuals to walk and rehabilitate.  It is being developed by Bionik Laboratories Corporation.

In 2016 the ARKE™ is still in pre-clinical trials.  It is used in multiple clinics for research in the U.S.


The ARKE™ exoskeleton is a powered hip-knee exoskeleton for gait rehabilitation.  It is being developed by the Bionik Laboratories Corporation.  The ARKE is designed to utilize machine learning and analytics to improve neurological rehabilitation.  This is done with the help of a collaboration of IBM and their IBM Cloud technology.  Data collected while using the ARKE is processed by IBM’s Cognitive Computing Infrastructure in addition to using sophisticated machine learning algorithms.  The purpose is to use the analytical data to find a correlation between rehabilitation regiments and the effectiveness of neurological rehabilitation.

Design goals:

  • Hip-Knee powered exoskeleton
  • Provide primary benefits: gait rehabilitation
  • Provide secondary effects:
    • Improved circulation
    • Reduction in loss of bone density
    • Improved bowel and bladder function
    • Improved mental health
    • Improved sleep quality
  • Collect and analyze data using IBM cloud
  • Integrated tablet control
  • Constructed using carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel

ARKE is in clinical trials and development, initially for rehabilitation and then for home use.  The ARKE aims to use new industrial designs that will result in novel gait trajectories with smaller actuators and mechanical components.

You can find articles on Bionik Laboratories in the news section of the Exoskeleton Report.

Bionik Laboratories Corporation, 483 Bay Street Office N105, Toronto, ON M5G 2C9 website

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