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Ekso Works Vest

The Ekso Works Vest is a shoulder passive exoskeleton in development by Ekso Bionics.

In 2016 it is being evaluated at several sites, such as a BMW assembly plant.

Ekso Bionics


The Ekso Works Vest is a shoulder passive, spring loaded, exoskeleton for work and industry.  It can be used to help workers perform repetitive tasks at waist level or above.  For example, a construction worker might have to drill hundreds of holes in a ceiling for light fixtures or he or she might have to install ceiling panels.  In both cases, an exoskeleton such as the Ekso Works Vest would be of tremendous help.

The Ekso Works Vest provides a boost to the shoulders making it easier to perform tasks and hold moderately heavy tools such as a hand drill.  It is designed to reduce worker fatigue and the probability of injury.

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Ekso Bionics, 1414 Harbour Way S #1201, Richmond, CA 94804, website

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